Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ok as promise from the previous blog...why im talking bout love...ok let me cerita la senang..

One night me and my family went out and went we arriving at home, my hubby and daughter already go into the house first as im packing all the things in the car...unfortunately while packing i saw this old women suddenly like fainted in front of my neighbour's since i also cuak kot termati lak org tua approached the lady and ask why and where she wanna go. Then dia kata dia nak blk...and so i pon anta la dia blk. On the way nak anto tu dia pon story why she was there....rupanye kecik ati and merajuk ngan anak she want me to teman dia sampai cucu dia blk coz dia kata cam susah nak nafas...cuak la plak coz ape2 jadi kang parah la plak..but me kesian nye pasal ...tunggu je la..anyway di pendek kan citer dia pon citer la everything...she feel sad and kecik ati kat me pon terpikir...why la dorang ni nak wat camtu...even though dorang ni dah tua and very fussy ke byk gomel ke apa je la...just entertain la ...sayangi mereka selagi boleh...selagi mereka ade...kot2 esok lusa dah takde...tak sempat nak entertain dorang..nyesal tak sudah...tat's why i said love is can be medicine and also poison......think wat i said....

P/S. Thanks and syukur to Allah SWT for giving me the best family that i have and surrounded by all the good people, good environement...etc. I'll always love my ama n arwah apa coz without them i'll never be in this world n be like who i am now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Love..something special and shud be appreciated when u get it. Love can be a healing device or a medicine to someone and it also can be a poison if it being misused. Love can be with with anybody.. any where.. any time. If u choose to love someone..please be prepare to loose them one day and the most important is be prepared to be hurt. But if u choose to be love by someone appreciated it coz its not easy to be love by someone that really...really care bout u, accept u as who u r. Most important the person is really...really LOVE u. Everybody need love, want to be love and love somebody...appreciated it when it is with u. Don't let it go coz it wont come back once u losse it...or mayb if u are so lucky.

Love all of, boyfren, girlfren..etc..

:) Sory guys if u dont understand why im talking about love..i'll explained it in my next blog k. ;P

Monday, November 3, 2008


Ermm this weekend should be just fine, no headache no stress nothing everything just fine with me and thank Allah for that. Saturday got nothing so much just planning to go for my adik angkat wed at bandar manjalara. So me driving there wit my fren as i dont like to go alone to any occasions. Somehow im a little bit shy to go actually as quiet long time i didnt see him..not that i dont want too but we lost contact since me transfer to another school. But he is just like him..funny, gile2 but stil very the hormat org tua and everything bout him ok la for me. The wedding ceremony was blast with Bollywood theme. So colourful and stil hoping he remember me.

So after eat and think he is free from everyone or peminat2 setia, me pon approach la dia just to wish him and give him a gift from a sista la kirenye. Im very shock to see him very hormat and siap jerit panggil wife dia nak introduce me...not that i glamer ke apa but he is very hormat and dok la tanya dah makan ke dah itu ke dah ini pon dahh..dahhh..heheee :)

So me tgk bz je dia nak layan semua org n other things agi tanpe buang masa me just pass the gift and mintak diri coz cian nnt dia terpaksa nak layan me je...

Anyway TQ to jimmy and wife and selamat pengantin baru. moga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat kalian berdua dan dikurniakan anak2 yg chomel2 belaka... ;)

p/s. Bile free ssgt nnt me paste their pic here. Very beautiful and cute pengantin.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hey guys...sory for quiet sometimes i didn't write anything here. So how's life..hope everything fine. Since the last time i wrote in here i think i miss a lot to write and some of it forgotten already..wat to do umur pon dah nak habis kelendar as wat my fren told as i promise last time tat tis blog will be my place to say wat ever i want and learn on my languange so i will start it again ari ni...mintak ampun la ye tis time bahasa rojak skit coz i just type wat ever come out from my mind je..lagi pon raya sebulan so still ade time minta maaf kan..kuii..kuii..kuii :)

Ok so everything must start with something rite so every week always start with monday also la if ur monday ok then the whole week insya'Allah ok la kot...i think laa..heheeee. So same goes to me monday start on 20th October 2008 with ok situation at home. Sampai ofis pon still ok agi siap gelak ketawa wit my ofis mate sampai tak ingat dunia...sampai guling2 atas carpet kalu takde bos rasanya bila semua mula melawak.. :D semua ok je la dipendekkan cerita....then bila habis ofis hour i stay back kejap nak siapkan keje la apa agi....then around 8 something me balik wit my ofis mate and since its raining n also she ask my help to send her home so i did....kesian la plak hujan lebat kat luar n terpaksa tunggu bas...i know how she feel coz penah melaluinye dolu2 la...

So di pendek kan lagi citer time anto dia kat kesas highway dah perasan my car cam ade yg tak betul je..lampu makin malap n my wiper pon slow giler n i know confirm la there's something wrong with my car but yet still hoping takde ape-ape la coz tengah-tengah highway kan. so me just drive cam biasa sampai selamat sampai kat umah my fren tu. Then dah nak balik tetiba my engine stop..aikkkk wat happen lak ni..cehh control...control...jgn panik..start balik n yess bleh start so me pon reverse la nak balik..tup-tup mati balik engine kete....alaaa dia buat pulak pon 1st skali call my pet sis soh bawak jumper coz dia paling dekat n i know will help me la..after i call another fren yg tak berangkat phone nye..humppp ....then call my mekanik, another fren n another fren....n also my sis to ask her favour by tapow food for my hubby n daughter..cehh bleh lagi tu ingat org lain nye makan.. :D

Then my pet sis n abg angkat sampai...baru nak try jump start sekali my car bleh idup la plak...hehee nasib tak kena maki ngan dorang..but kerana x confident me pon soh dorang follow belakang...baru jln tak sampai 1km engine mati agi....arghhh geram nye...jump start again...baru jln bout 1km mati agi...arghhhhhhh ni mmg tahap gaban la geram nye ni... u know car mati betul-betul tgh jln and dah dekat nak sampai traffic light another 20 meter bleh bayangkan traffic tu camne ye...musti kena sumpah seranah i ni ngan org yg nak cepat.... :(

Hmpp tak pasal-pasal bukan takat jadi incredible hulk tapi polis traffic tak bertauliah la kejap coz me kena tolak kete and also control traffic coz kitorang kena undur ke belakang instead ke depan coz tempat nak betul kan kete tu lagi dekat ke belakang. wakakakaka tak yah mandi mlm tu coz asyik mandi hujan...lebat lak tu... :( Then my fren dtg lak n nasib baik dia bawak mekanik but stil tak leh tlg coz masalah nye takde spare jump start again n again mati kat traffic light dekat masjid pandan indah...sudah nye mekanik tu cabut my bateri and tukar ngan bateri dia supaya tak yah benti-benti but tu pon sementara...sampai kat umah my FIL i pon inform him n park the car there till tomorrow untuk dibetulkan. Then my pet sis anto i balik....huhuhuu dekat kul 1am k..penat giler...but tq to all my fren yg byk menolong and especialy kakak n abg angkat yg penat tunggu n siap anto i balik umah agi k.... u all the best people i know...muahhss i luv all og you..

p/s : moral of the story u will know when u have to change not only your car but your fren i right or not. can you tell me is it happy or sad monday for me that day? Humpppp think haaa :)

Friday, October 10, 2008


Today and day after, i think everybody will think how to get extra money or fast money or what ever they call it but the main issue is how to get money.In their mind and i think mine too always keep figuring how to get it. Hahahahaa :D

Old or young keep finding ways to get money and I'm hoping that they will try to get it using a proper way by working, selling things but not drug or any other illegal thing huh!! and not by stealing, bullying other people or what ever kind that can't be accepted ok. Besides that i also see now days all Malaysian's people either the old or young generation's is more generous by donating either money, efforts or what ever that they can contribute. Who says today’s young person doesn’t want to
contribute to society? See !! I'm one of the young generation as an example (hehehee can rite?) always like to participate in any kind of charity event or any kind of society, try to help the OKU, underprivilleage children or old people but only that i will feel disappointed when there are no peoples or organizations would like to give a hand by giving some of their money or goods for this kind of charity things unless if they get token for that..but as i say not all but some of them.

I have too many contacts on my facebook, yahoo, msn, tagged, friendster but sometimes I still experience loneliness. So i decided to become volunteer for MACAS and some few other organization doing any activity for charity.I will used my contact list to get support in either to get some fund, support or hands to help.Which is why I do the things I do…try to get money from here that can be donated or do for something good.

So, to all my fren and reader who pass by my blog please joint
me ;)

Until You Do Me Right by After 7

I was in love with you
And gave my heart to you
I did my best
To keep you satisfied
You took the love from me
And used it, selfishly
You did not give back your love to me at all

I gave the sun to you
You said it was to bright
I gave you diamond rings
You said they didn't shine
I gave my world to you
You said its not enough
What in the world could I have done to make you be so rough

Until you do me right
I don't even want to talk to you
I don't even want to hear you speak my name
Until you do me right
Only wrong is going to come to you
Nothing good is going to come to you
Until you change, change your ways
Until you change your evil ways

Girl I was there for you
Someone you could talk to
How could you just
Keep breaking my heart
What did I do to you
To make you be so cruel
I don't understand why you've been so rough

I tried to be your strength
You said I was to strong
I tried to comprimise
So we could get along
I gave my love to you
Despite your evil ways
I guess its clear to me theres only one thing left to say

Until you do me right
I don't even want to talk to you
I don't even want to hear you speak my name
Until you do me right
Only wrong is going to come to you
Nothing good is going to come to you
Until you change, change your ways
Until you change your evil ways

Theres a time when you know what you feel inside your heart
Its telling you that something feels strange
Girl you don't have to deny it
All you got to do is try it
You'll find your love grows stronger
When your willing to change

Until you do me right
I don't even want to talk to you
I don't even want to hear you speak my name
Until you do me right
Only wrong is going to come to you
Nothing good is going to come to you
Until you change, your ways
Until you do me right
I don't even want to talk to you
I don't even want to hear you speak my name
Until you do me right


Don't even like to think about it
I don't know what I would do without it
I only know I live and breathe for your love
Baby you came to me in my time of need
When I needed you, you were there for me

Baby, the love from you is what got me through
It's because of you I was able to

Give my heart again, you gave me

* Chorus *
Someone to love, Someone to touch

Someone to hold, Oh someone to know
Someone to love, Someone to trust
Someone to hold, Oh someone to know

I thought I'd never love again

I thought my life was over and

I didn't want to face nor even see another day

Suddenly from no where, baby you appeared

You dried my tears, you cared for me

Maybe your love for me, truly rescued me
It's because of you, I was able to

Fall in love again, you gave me

* Chorus *

For so long in my life, I wouldn't let love inside
But I swallowed my pride the day you arrived
Now that you're by my side
Everything is all right

It's because of you, I was able to
Give my heart again, you gave me

* Chorus * (repeat 4x)

p/s : even thou this song is from 80's but i just love it n hope all of u also can enjoy the song. Try to feel the lyrics too coz its so meaningful (to me la)..hehehe :)